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Pastor: James E. Dyar

Youth/Children's Minister: Heath Manley & Jennifer Woodring

Secretary: Vonda Manley

Sunday School Director: Stacy Lyles
Sunday School Asst. Drector: Stephanie Holbrooks
Sunday School Secretary: Marceta Black

Discipleship Training Director: Paul Holcombe

Music Director: Vonda Manley

Chairman of Deacons:Russ Evans

Vacation Bible School Director: Jennifer Woodring

Church Clerk: Cindy Bibb 

Asst. Church Clerk: Stacy Lyles

Church Reporter: Ashley Reid

Historians: Linda Rhodes

Webmaster: Carol Anne Bailey

Photographers: Becky Macijewski & Ashley Reid

Worship Leaders: Cindy Bibb, April Burgess, Royce McCall, Becky Macijewski, Heath Manley, Vonda Manley, Don Stone & Jim Watson

Youth & Children's Choirs: Vonda Manley, Cindy Bibb & Marcetta Black

Audio/Visual Engineers: Adam Brooks, Jeremy Brooks, Mike Creswell, George Reid, Tyrone Lyles & Tim Macijewski

Bible Club: Jennifer Woodring

Drama Team: April Burgess

JOY Club: Judy Holbrooks

Library: Janet Creswell